I Wrote a Book

I’ve actually written a few, but you don’t need to know what those are about. I only mention them as a nod to the reality that it usually doesn’t take just one manuscript. It takes multiple manuscripts, 103,248 drafts, and a bevy of productivity tools to produce what later becomes a physical book.

Anyway, this book: it’s about rage and abandonment and freedom. It’s about riding in cars. It’s about perv bosses and other workplace woes. It’s about friendships when they get weird. It’s about grief.

Here are some important parts that, sadly, didn’t make the templated announcement:

  • $$$$ (money)
  • grimy seaside town called Nautilus
  • small gray pit bull
  • complicated mother/daughter relationship

I am filled with appreciation that Soho Teen/Soho Press recognized all the above in my story.